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Suggested Reading:   A Delicate Balance: Living Successfully With Chronic Illness by Susan Mistrey Wells.  Excerpts from each chapter will give you an idea about this wonderfully written, helpful book.  A Delicate Balance is a thoughtful and well-researched look at the lives of millions of people with chronic and largely invisible illnesses.  Susan writes, "The result is a frank book replete with practical advice, including how to use the Internet for information and support, seek reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, and how to make the most of the doctor-patient relationship in an era of managed care.
    "A Delicate Balance is a must read if you have a chronic illness, love someone who does, or care for these patients in your medical, social work, or therapeutic practice. You will be amazed at how difficult life with chronic illness can be, and how healthy individuals can become when they find a delicate balance in their lives."

Cancer Pain, Trials, Information


Trigeminal Neuralgia



  Dr. Robbins Headache Clinic



  Lupus Foundation of America



  Sarcoidosis Online Sites.    Sarcoidosis is a complex multi system autoimmune disease.  It affects the lungs, skin, joints, eyes, brain, and other soft tissue organs.



     Research has shown that the primary cause of the disease is the introduction of agents into the spinal canal, with oil-based contrast used for myelograms causing the most severe problems.  A great number of medical professionals may not know how to diagnose arachnoiditis, and when they do, they don't know how to treat it.  It is usually diagnosed as "failed back syndrome."  Often times, patients are made to believe that their problems are "all in their head."  The Arachnoiditis Information and Support Network is working to get out as much information as possible to assist physicians in the diagnosis and care of this disease.

   Arachnoiditis is a debilitating condition characterized by severe stinging, burning pain, and neurologic problems.  See also Spine Universe.



  Arthritis Foundation.

  American College of Rheumatology Home Page.

  Cure Arthritis Home Page.

  Using antibiotics to treat rheumatic disease.  The information on this site is provided by physicians experienced in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases with low dose antibiotics according to the protocol developed by the late Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown, M.D. and by many of the multiple thousands of patients who have benefited from this treatment.

  ArthritisNet.  An exceptional quantity of quality arthritis resources all on one site.



  Diabetes Insipidus Foundation, Inc.   - Welcome to the world of "A Different Diabetes" ...a diabetes that is not widely diagnosed.  Diabetes Insipidus is a rare disease in which the kidneys produce abnormally large volumes of dilute urine.  It is NOT diabetes mellitus/sugar diabetes and it crosses over all age groups.  Some of the causes of central/neurogenic DI are head trauma, brain tumor, illness and genetics.


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