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Filing For Disability Benefits

  Filing for Social Security Disability (SSDI).

  Social Security Disability and Fibromyalgia  Important information about how Social Security views fibromyalgia. It is helpful to understand how the disability process works in this regard and to consider how Social Security Examiners sometimes view applications where this illness is alleged.  See: Applying for Disabiility with Fibromyalgia.

  Social Security Disability (SSD, SSDI), SSI Questions  This information may help claimants with representation, as well as those who are not represented by an attorney or non attorney representative. Understanding how the Social Security Disability system works can make the difference between winning or not winning the benefits and backpay to which a person is entitled.

  Sixty+ articles on disability from

  The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Qualification for Disability Benefits.  by Donald Schopflocher, Ph.D. (Psychology), M.E. / C.F.S. Society of Edmonton, October, 1995. Revised June, 1998.

  Suggestions for Filing CFIDS LTD Claims by Annie Bloom.

  Helping Fibromyalgia Patients Obtain Social Security Disability.

  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Guide For Health Professionals.  Providing medical evidence to the Social Security Administration for individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome.

  Injured Workers - The MedCheck Project.  -  Medical links for injured workers/worker's compensation.

button The Invisible Disabilities Advocate.   Most people cannot comprehend what it is like to be sick day after day, because they are accustomed to going to the doctor, taking some medication and soon feeling better.  Often the most difficult part of having a chronic, debilitating illness, is the lack of support we encounter.  People seem to be programmed to think that they have to see someone is bleeding, before they can believe they are hurting. Unfortunately, they often ignore what we are saying, because they think we "look" fine.


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