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  Researchers Develop 'Smart Bomb' Pain Relief In Laboratory Study from Intellihealth, 19 November 1999.

  "Coping With Pain: Even in this age of miraculous drugs, Canadians suffer without adequate treatment." by Mark Nichols, Maclean's, August 1999.

  "Effective, but also addictive.   (Canadian doctors fear risk of opioid addiction)" by Patricia Chisholm, Maclean's, August 1999,

  When The Pain Refuses To Go Away:  &nbs;"Even when there is no physical cause, it is real, screaming out for treatment, and may be a lifelong burden."by Patricia Chisholm, Maclean's, August 1999,

  Mystery Bacteria Linked To Chronic Fatigue, Gulf War Syndromes.

  Doctors Increasingly Shielded in Prescribing Powerful Painkillers.

  Mid-Night Sleeping Pill Developed.  Sonata hopefully to be approved this fall.

  Over-the-Counter Dangers.  Some people who take NSAIDS may risk for serious stomach problems. Click on the button at the left to test for your estimated personal NSAID risk profile.

  CFS Far More Common than AIDS, Breast Cancer or Lung Cancer.  Cambridge, Mass., October 10, 1998 In a study to be released today, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers have found that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)is a far greater public health problem than previously known.
      Also, New York, Oct 15, 1998 (Reuters):  "Chronic fatigue syndrome common in US." article.

  It's the Pain...Duh! by Susan Austin Yoder.  "Chronic pain is one of the nation's most costly health problems, estimated at nearly $50 billion in medical costs, lost income, lost productivity, compensation payments and legal costs.  The impact of chronic pain can be devastating to patients and their families."

  SciNews-MedNews.  Current medical and science news stories by month.

  WebNetLit.  Daily search results from the latest articles by topic from 22 major medical journals.

  ASAM Board Adopts New Policies.  The American Society of Addiction Medicine board adopts new policy statements on marijuana, opioids, pain and patient screening.

  Worldwide Congress on Pain.  Pain news, pain doctor questions answered, expert interviews, suggested reading.

  Duract withdrawn from the market.  The makers of the painkiller Duract have voluntarily withdrawn it from the market after reports of rare severe liver failure in some patients, the FDA said Monday.  Wyeth-Ayerst, a division of American Home Products, said in a statement it had taken the action after reports of severe liver failure resulting in four deaths and eight liver transplants.  All but one of those 12 cases involved patients using Duract for longer than the 10-day maximum duration of treatment, the company said.

  Immune System Blamed for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  The BBC reported yesterday that two British researchers are confident they have found a physical cause for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  They believe it may be caused by the body's reaction to stress which effectively leads to the immune system becoming overloaded.  These doctors found that people with CFS produced unusually high levels of the hormone melatonin, which stimulates the immune system and plays an important role in promoting .

  Fibromyalgia: The Roots of Chronic Pain. The Voice of America presents NEW HORIZONS, a weekly program on developments in science, technology and medicine.

  New information regarding the treatment of neuropathic pain.    American Association for the Advancement of Science, February 13, 1998.

  Natural pain killer discovered.    Nature, March 18, 1998.

  California Pain Patient's Bill of Rights (Amended).    1997.

  Clinical Trials - Chronic Pain.  Clinical trials for the relief of chronic pain by state.  Centerwatch patient notification service for upcoming trials.

  Food Safety Organisms of Concern.

  Controlling Chronic Pain.  Guidelines for opioid use.

  Relation between neuropsychological impairment and functional disability in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

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