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Effect of Chronic Pain on Quality of Life

Physical suffering.
Less able to do things.
Nausea, loss of appetite.
Poor sleep quality and quantity.
Medication side effects.
Loss of strength and mobility.
Inadequate pain control.
Psychological Decreased enjoyment of life.
Increased fear and anxiety.
Depression, sadness, distress.
Difficulty concentrating, memory loss.
Preoccupation with symptoms.
Loss of control over one's life.
May become dependent on others.
Social Quality and quantity of relationships may lessen.
Unable to take part in social/family activities.
Decreased sexual function, loss of affection.
Physical appearance may be changed.
Increased burden on others.
Forced to deal with adversarial system.
Loss of income.
Spiritual Increased suffering, questioning.
Life may take on different meaning.
May feel disillusioned.
May look at religious beliefs.

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Last Updated February 15, 2010